Please help us contact Nancy and Dave!

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Help! We here at RVblogz have no way to contact Nancy and Dave since they created this blog using the RVblogz guest email account. We would sincerely like to transfer these posts to their own blog.

If you know Nancy and Dave, please have them contact us.

And Nancy, or Dave, if you are reading this please sign up for a new RVblogz account using your own email address and we will take care of the rest! Be sure to log out first if you are logged in with the guest info!

You must have inadvertently created this blog using our Guest account which means any of our guests could access it. We want to fix this for you. We love following adventures like yours and are pleased to see you uploading photos and sharing your story with others. Just sign up or email us, we’d be happy to help so you can continue RVblogging!

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